anne-laure oberson




The various photographic works of Anne-Laure Oberson differ quite substantially from one another; that one artist may work in such a diverse way is sometimes disconcerting for the spectator. It is true that from an intimate black & white book about a distant country to color self-portraits projected life size, it may be difficult to see a link. But in fact the approach is always rigorously the same.

An analytical approach, thoughtful, well grounded, almost slow, that constantly and tirelessly searches to understand one's subject. Anne-Laure Oberson persists to look until she sees in order to show us. She looks at everything that surrounds her: things, cities, landscapes, bodies, art, a street corner or a piece of hose, a relationship. She is interested in the banal, in what we look at everyday without seeing and she loathe the spectacular.

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